About Us

Our Story

A love of food; a passion for nutrition; a knack for baking; and a desire to share that with others: this is the recipe for Superior Bakes! We created our business and delicious treats because we know there is a lack of delicious treats on the market that are high in protein and easy to incorporate into your healthy lifestyle. Superior Bakes changes that!

A healthy lifestyle consists of eating food that is good for your body, not deprivation. As nutrition experts and food lovers, we want YOU to enjoy and feel good about what you are eating. Our products are versatile, simple, and tasty. Our cake mixes can be made into a variety of cakes or cupcakes, and you’ll find tons of recipes on our social media pages. You’ll be amazed at how delicious a healthy lifestyle can be!

We’ve applied our years of formal and practical nutritional knowledge towards creating treats and snacks that satisfy your sweet tooth without causing a sugar crash. Our foods are made without additives, preservatives, or toxic substances. Our recipes are simple, delicious, and even come in gluten-free, protein, vegan, and/or keto options.

Local residents can shop our pre-made baking collection for quick and easy pick-up within 72 hours. A selection of our products is also available via retailers across Canada, such as Safeway and independent health food stores.

We also offer personal and customized nutrition coaching to help you reach your specific goals! Check out our Nutrition Plans for more info.

About the Founder

Jenni Ritchie is a Registered Nurse with a BA Psych; and her interest in food, nutrition, and coaching started well before that! As a mother of two, she also understands the importance of taking care of your body to be able to take care of others, and how essential it is to teach our children to do the same.

Growing up in a family of kinesiologists and personal trainers, Jenni recognized the integral connection between fitness, health, and wellness at a young age. After working as a nurse, personal trainer and nutritionist for 10 years, she saw an opportunity to do more to make nutrition more accessible to more people. Add her love for baking, and Superior Bakes was born!

Jenni’s background and qualifications in nutrition include Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Metabolic Typing Advisor Level 1&2, Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach, and Dr. Berg Keto Coach. Jenni has worked with hundreds of individuals over the years to help them achieve their health, fitness, and nutrition goals.

Additionally, she's a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics, Weightlifting & Mobility Trainer, Reiki Master, and has training and coaching experience in Spinning, Yoga and Pilates. Whether you’re looking for a new favourite or a transformative nutrition plan, Jenni is the perfect person to have in your corner!