About Us

The Buff Bakery specializes in high protein, delicious treats.  The Buff Bakery was created out of a strong desire to enjoy the foods we love most while still being able to train hard, make big gains in the gym, feel great and look even better!  

We are the makers of the Synergee Protein Mix.  This product was founded from a desire to create a quick product that tasted great and was healthy at the same time.  Something versatile and simple.  The Synergee Protein Mix, can easily make pancakes, waffles, muffins, cakes or doughnuts in 10 minutes.  It satisfies any sweet cravings and packs a solid dose of protein per serving.  Perfect for today's busy, on the go lifestyle.  You can rest assured knowing that your doing something great for you and your body.  You’ll never find any additives, preservatives or toxic substances in our product.  Just 7 simple ingredients to keep you feeling your best.

Local residents can shop our pre-made baking collection for quick and easy pick up within 48 hours.  We are please to offer gluten free, vegan and keto options

Check out our blog for weekly posts on nutrition, well-being and healthy recipes.  

We think you should definitely be able to have your cake, eat it and make big gains!


About the Baker....

Jenni Ritchie is an Registered Nurse with a BA Psych.  Growing up with a mom who was in the fitness space, she learned the value of good nutrition at a young age.  Working as a nurse, personal trainer and nutritionist for the past 10 years only solidified how important good, quality nutrition is for each of us.  Pair all that with a strong love to bake and the Buff Bakery was born!

Her background in nutrition includes Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Metabolic Typing Advisor training and has worked with many individuals 1:1 to help them achieve their health, fitness and nutrition goals.  

Additionally, she's a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, CrossFit Gymnastics, Weightlifting & Mobility Trainer, Reiki Master and training in Spinning, Yoga and Pilates.

Most importantly, she's a wife and mom to an adorable little man.