May 25, 2017


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What's "Flexible Dieting?"

The nutrition field is very dynamic and ever changing. There seems to always be a hot new trend flooding the market. The newest nutrition trend is termed “flexible dieting” or “counting your macros”. This week, we’re taking a look at what this really means and see if it’s right for you.

Flexibility in choosing your foods

Counting your macros means tracking the specific amount of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats you consume each day. Many people use an online app to do so. Usually, you have a specific number of each “macronutrient” (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) set for you by a coach. This number is determined by your goal, your age, your activity level, your gender and your weight/height. Your job is to hit those specific targets each day. This gives you the flexibility to choose the foods you want to hit your targets. If you are someone who enjoys rice, you can eat rice to hit your carbohydrate grams. If you prefer fruit, you can use fruit instead. You also have the option to include some type of treat within your plan as well. For example, if you are planning to have some ice cream, which has a good amount of carbohydrate grams, you would utilize that for some of your carbohydrate grams on that day.

Personalized for you goals

Flexible dieting is also personalized for the individual and their goal. This means that your diet can be customized for different outcomes. If the individual is more active and performance is a goal then their specific amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will be different than for someone who is looking to lean out. It’s also customized for your age, gender, height and weight. Fiber goals are usually provided as well which encourages healthy food choices. Therefore, although you can have some treats in your diet, fruits and veggies are going to be a staple.

Long term sustainability

One very attractive feature of flexible dieting is its long-term success and sustainability. We all know someone (or maybe we’ve done it ourselves) that has lost a lot of weight quickly on a restrictive diet, only to regain it all or perhaps more back. Flexible dieting takes the “shame” away from eating bad foods. It gives you the option to have something you desire without feeling like you’ve blown it. Flexible dieting also doesn’t have the “all or nothing” approach to it which makes it attractive for long-term success.
Flexible dieting has many great benefits and can easily assist in achieving ideal body composition, freedom from food shame or restrictive dieting and provide long-term success. It requires a commitment to weigh, measure and track your food and work closely with a coach in the beginning. If you think it’s right for you and you’re ready to get after your goals check out our Accelerator Nutrition Program for more information.

April 27, 2017


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Making The Most Of Your Snack

At Buff Bakery, it’s important to us that our customers get 3 things all in one bite. Taste, proper macronutrient balance and health. Everyone loves a good treat but why not have it all? Why not have something that tastes delicious, gives you the right balance of fuel and keeps you healthy too! 


It’s important to us that all our products taste great. Before we launch any new product, we spend a great deal of time perfecting our recipes so that they taste delicious. Who wants to eat something healthy if it tastes awful? We use only natural sweeteners to cultivate a sweet taste to our treats. Every ingredient we use is of upmost quality to ensure that you are getting the most premium blend of ingredients possible.

Macronutrient Balance

 All our products will give you a blend of all 3 macronutrients. Carbohydrates, proteins and fats. We aim to keep our protein content as high as possible for an added lean muscle-building bonus. If you’re an active gym goer, you want to preserve all your hard earned results and be ready to rock again the next day. Proper fuel ensures you’ll be able to do just that! Keeping protein balanced with carbohydrates also ensures a proper blood sugar and hormone balance post meal. Ideal for a buff body!


Using only natural ingredients without the use of any additives or preservatives ensures that our treats are building your health too! We know that minimal, simple ingredients are the way to go. Our products are made without the use of any wheat or sugar.   Our flours are oat or coconut based and we use natural sweeteners such as stevia. 

We feel proud of the products we’ve created. We know our customers work hard at their health and fitness so we work hard at giving them optimal nutrition to persevere those gains. Our motto? Buff Bodies, Happy Tummies J  

April 17, 2017


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What's behind Buff Bakery?

This week, we’re taking an in-depth look at our newest addition to the Synergee umbrella of services, The Buff Bakery. We sat down with Jenni Ritchie, Buff Baker, to get a feel for the products, the vision and the purpose of this delicious new service.

What’s the Buff Bakery all about?!

The Buff Bakery was created as a request from one of our Accelerator Nutrition program participants. It was a hit from day one so I decided to keep going each week to offer the service to anyone who loves a delicious treat and is health conscious as well. The Buff Bakery takes your favourite treats such as donuts, muffins, cakes, brownies, truffles and creates a healthier, low sugar, higher protein version of them. Imagine this, having cheesecake for breakfast and knowing it’s healthy for you! I’m also super passionate about nutrition and feeling good so I take great pride in creating the best product possible for my clients so they can enjoy a sweet treat and still feel strong, healthy and powerful in the gym!

What are your products made with?

All of my treats are made without the use of preservatives, additives, gluten or sugar and high in protein. Sweetness is derived from the use of Stevia which is a natural herb. Added protein comes from a natural form of whey protein powder and high protein greek yogurt. They are also made with gluten free oats for those who are sensitive to gluten. I definitely use only quality ingredients to ensure it’s a premium product.

How can I order?

Anyone can order at any time! This service isn’t just for members but the entire community. We’ve just loaded our products online to make ordering easy and seamless. Now you also have the option to choose from a variety pack to be delivered each week OR just an entire order of your favourite muffins, donuts or cheesecake.

What’s in store for the future?

I’ll be continually adding new products to the page and perfecting current recipes as we go along so stay tuned for even more deliciousness! If you have a favourite treat, I’d love to hear what it is and find a way to make it over for you!

If you love both something sweet and working hard in the gym, this is definitely a service to take advantage of! Stay tuned for more good things nutrition wise coming your way in the next few months! We’re just getting started!

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