Vitality - Nutrition Program

Vitality - Nutrition Program

Starts Anytime

    This program is best suited for individuals who have some basic nutrition knowledge such as tracking their food, creating recipes and have a good understanding of what type of nutrition works best for them. Many of our Accelerator clients also transition to this program for on going support! *Please note, this program is offered as a 3 month minimum commitment at $149/month.

    Keto, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan - all are welcome! With this program you have the ability to fill your day with the foods of your choice and we offer programs to suit all types of diets. 

    This program is done 100% virtually. Check-in with your coach via e-mail once week from wherever you are! Vitality is done over the course of 3 months to help establish long term habits and a program you can use for life. We will help you navigate real life situations like eating out, special events and how to include all the foods you love while still reaching your goals. This program has a strong focus on the client-coach relationship and establishing a safe space to connect. We take a holistic approach and don’t just look at the scale. Each check-in will include an in-depth analysis of sleep, mood, hunger level, energy, athletic performance and digestion. We want you to feel your very best on all levels. 

    Why 90 days? We know that it takes time to establish new habits and that’s exactly what we want for our clients. We also know that it can take time to achieve goals and we want to do so in a sustainable and comfortable time frame. Support and accountability are a HUGE part of success. We’re here to offer just that!

    What’s Included

    • Customized macro blueprint to suit your goals whatever they may be! (keto, balanced, performance, paleo, vegan, gluten-free options available)
    • Weekly e-mail check-ins with your coach
    • In depth analysis of food, exercise, mental/emotional needs and more!
    • 24/7 email support
    • Your own personal coach to offer accountability and support throughout your journey - a real person behind the emails
    • Community of support from all our current clients

    Price - $149/month (3 month commitment)


    The success I’ve had with this program has made it easy for me to say no to a lot of the foods I used to enjoy eating. All I need to do is have a few days in a row where I’m not following my food list to remind me of how I used to feel (a place I don’t want to go back to). That’s all the motivation I need to go back to my food list and back into balance.


    I was at the Dr today and all his bloodwork is completely normal including all of my sugars. Amazing since not long ago I was on a path to diabetes!


    After suffering from migraines for 5 years, I was willing to try anything to end the pain. I heard about Nutrition Typing and decided to give it a try. Having eaten mainly vegan for three years and then having test results show I was a fast oxidizer (high protein type) was a difficult and challenging transition. Jenni helped ease me into changes and after 6 weeks of eating meat, my migraines were reduced from 1-3 per week to 3 in 6 weeks! Amazing! This has changed my life forever and I will be forever grateful! Thank you!


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    After more than a decade of working in the nutrition industry and helping clients lose hundreds of pounds, we’ve learned that everybody – and every body – is different! If we all ate the same, our bodies would react differently and provide different results. You have unique body that requires your own special fuel mix to help you function optimally; and our Nutrition Program support you on your individual journey.

    We have 2 separate programs designed to meet individuals at the right point on their nutrition journey!

    All programs have a strong focus on having a healthy relationship with food while reaching your goals, whatever they may be! We want you to have more energy, sleep better, have greater mental clarity, enhanced mood and achieve your body composition and athletic goals. Our only goals are your goals. We. Got. You.

    Need help deciding which program is right for you? Send us an e-mail to to book a free discovery call.






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