Accelerator - Nutrition Program

Accelerator - Nutrition Program


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    A comprehensive designed to accelerate your results.  Whether you're looking to balance hormones, improve digestion, lose weight, work on body compositon, increase energy, mental clarity and well-being - this program can help with it all!

    With this program you’ll complete our Nutrition Typing test and we’ll walk you through an in-depth questionnaire to assess your physical, mental, emotional, and dietary traits. From this, we will build an optimal nutrition plan just for you! By eating according to your Nutrition Type, you can expect physical changes, as well as more energy and mental clarity, freedom from cravings, enhanced mood, sleep quality, and general improved well-being.

    If you need some extra support, we offer results plus a month of coaching as an option.  At no point in this process will you feel alone! You’ll have a personal nutrition coach to check-in with every week via Zoom for 4 weeks; as well as 24/7 email support. We’ll look at your cravings, mood, sleep, digestion, energy, and body weight, and that’ll give us a chance to make any needed adjustments to your plan! This will help us listen to and learn from your body’s cues and feedback. We’re determined to make this plan work for YOU! We’ll also recommend supplements specific for your nutrition type.You’ll also have 4 weekly check-ins with a personal nutrition coach to answer all your questions, keep you accountable, and maintain motivation!

    This plan may introduce you to new foods, ways of eating, and timing of meals; and we’ve got that covered, too! We’ll have weekly lessons and videos on a variety of topics such as macro-nutrients, meal planning, eating out, cortisol & insulin levels, intermittent fasting, exercise recommendations, and long-term goal planning.

    This program offers customized nutrition plans at their finest. Our Nutrition Plans are individualized and refined to meet your goals, needs, and tastes through tried, tested, and true Nutrition Typing tools.  This program is tailor-made to work WITH your body, not against it. This program runs virtually, so you can do it wherever, whenever. Your body; your schedule; your goals; your success!

    What’s Included

    • Comprehensive testing to determine your Nutrition Type
    • Food list customized for your unique Nutrition Type
    • Detailed menu plan according to your Nutrition Type
    • Supplement recommendations


    I joined in early January and although I was skeptical of trying yet another “diet” and especially in a group format, Jenni was amazing and balanced encouragement with expectation. What I appreciated most about the program was that it wasn’t focused on weight loss supplements; we customized it over the weeks to allow me to make positive, sustainable life style changes. I also appreciated that she stressed a whole health and wellness approach. Although frequently reminded not to focus on the numbers, I did have success both with those weight loss numbers and with incorporating some new wellness strategies such as getting outside for a non-exercise related walk daily, going to bed earlier, and limiting electronic devices in the bedroom to decrease exposure to electromagnetic frequencies and promote sleep. Jenni was very gracious and always available to answer questions as I worked through the two months of learning the program and incorporating it into everyday life for myself. Another aspect of the program that gave me confidence was weekly work on the power of the mind and using gratefulness and affirmations to augment fitness and nutrition efforts. Working in the program has been a positive experience for me. Thank you!


    I just want to say thank you to you for all your help. The hardest part was going coming the first day and admitting that I needed help (and taking an honest look in the mirror). The meal plan has surprisingly been much easier. It thought it would enhance my life but it changed mine.


    I have also had the people closest to me comment on how much calmer and happier I seem. I had a woman who I didn’t know ask me yesterday, at a volunteer event, how old I was and when I said I was 56 she was quite shocked and said “I sure didn’t look it”. These third party comments just reinforce for me that the changes that I have made in my day to day life are having a big impact on my interactions with other people.


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    After more than a decade of working in the nutrition industry and helping clients lose hundreds of pounds, we’ve learned that everybody – and every body – is different! If we all ate the same, our bodies would react differently and provide different results. You have unique body that requires your own special fuel mix to help you function optimally; and our Nutrition Program support you on your individual journey.

    We have 2 separate programs designed to meet individuals at the right point on their nutrition journey!

    All programs have a strong focus on having a healthy relationship with food while reaching your goals, whatever they may be! We want you to have more energy, sleep better, have greater mental clarity, enhanced mood and achieve your body composition and athletic goals. Our only goals are your goals. We. Got. You.

    Need help deciding which program is right for you? Send us an e-mail to to book a free discovery call.






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