Valentine's Day Market

by Jenni Ritchie on February 08, 2018

It's the before Valentine's Day market this week.  A holiday dedicated to love and the people we love.  On February 14th, all the restaurants will be filled with red and pink, roses galore and sweet, sweet love.  Little kids will be choo choo choosing their Valentine's Day cards (hopefully you got that one!), and flower shops will be bustling.  

It also happens to be our first Market and we're super excited to bring the city of Thunder Bay some amazing high protein, low sugar, vegan, gluten free treats!  I actually hesitate to even use the word "treat" because our products definitely don't have to be used as a treat.  Everything is made fresh with the highest quality ingredients.  You could have the cheesecake for breakfast!  The added protein helps with increased satiety and blood sugar stabilization, muscle recovery and as a building block for many important bodily functions!  

Each week, we'll be bringing a variety of items to meet different dietary preferences and tastes.  This week's feature item is our Red Velvet Protein Doughnut.  I'm conjointly calling this the "Love Thyself Doughnut".  Why you ask?  Well, with Valentine's Day coming up, all the focus is on love.  Yes, definitely honour the people you love in your life but also what about honouring yourself?!  This post isn't meant to get all deep and fluffy but just to highlight that this weekend, you should take a moment to do something just for you.   

The rich cream cheese frosting, the deep red colouring.  This doughnut is the perfect opportunity for you to say, "Hey, I'm doing good here and I'm having something for me!"  What's even better is that you'll enjoy the few minutes of deliciousness that accompanies the actual eating of the doughnut BUT even more so, you'll be something something good for for yourself.  You'll be honouring yourself by taking care of yourself.  No fake ingredients, no preservatives or additives, just good food that tastes good.  

So this weekend, come out to the Market, get yourself a doughnut and a delicious coffee (or tea!) and savour every bite.  See you Saturday.


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