The sugar high...

by Jenni Ritchie on July 05, 2018

Very often, someone will walk by our booth at the Market, gaze over all our treats and immediately put their arms into an X.  They shake their heads and say things like "Oh, I can't have that!"  I always realize they think our products are full fat, full sugar, ect.  Sometimes I get that chance to chat with them and explain what we offer but other times they're already running away in fear of caving into a craving.  This week, I thought we'd take some time to talk about what makes our products different from a standard treat and why you can have just one without any negative consequences. 

So let's ask the real question...why is sugar even bad for us?  Well sugar itself doesn't offer much in terms of nutritional wealth.  It's mostly devoid of any nutrients however it's actually the effect it has on our bodies that's more problematic.  We've all heard people say "I can't just stop at one piece of chocolate!".  Although the chocolate itself is delicious, your entire body chemistry shifts once a high dose of sugar is injected.  Your blood sugar spikes, your pancreas starts to secrete insulin and then once that high is over, blood sugar plummets and you start hunting for the next sugar high.  So it's really a physiological response that is happening in your body rather than you just being "weak" and not able to control sugar cravings.

Sugar has a few more negative effects as well.  Have you ever had a sugary treat and then been sitting in front of your computer starting blankly?  Brain fog post sugar is a real thing.  This happens from the whole low blood sugar cascade which makes it difficult to focus and use optimal brain power when blood sugar levels are either soaring high or crashing low.

Sugar also disrupts your gut microbiome which is a living collection of all the bacteria that reside in and on our body.  It regulates our immune system, balances our blood sugar and absorbs important nutrients.  These important microbiomes can get easily thrown off by a highly processed, sugary diet.  Your gut is huge when it comes to feeling your best so it's important to keep them in check to maintain optimal health.  

So what's great about Buff Bakery?  We never use any white sugar in any of our products.  There may be some naturally occurring sugars from things like honey (which has a whole host of health benefits itself!) or maple sugar but otherwise we use Stevia as a sweetener.  Stevia is a naturally occurring sweetener extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.  It's 150 times sweeter than sugar and has contains zero calories.  You get the benefit of a naturally occurring sweetener and keep your blood sugar stable.  We also offer nutritional information on all our products for those counting macros, carbohydrates or just wanting to make a conscious decision on what to eat.  So go ahead, have that cheesecake or muffin knowing that it won't send your blood sugar soaring and you can go on feeling great afterwards :) 


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