Nurses's Week Promo

by Jenni Ritchie on May 10, 2018

This week it's nurse's week which means the entire week is dedicated to honouring nurses and the important role they play in our society.  I've been a registered nurse for 10 years this year.  It's crazy to think it's been that long!   

I've been fortunate enough to work part-time with an amazing group of people for the past five years.  It's created a great balance and allowed me to spend my time pursuing other passions in the nutrition and fitness space.  The combination of both nursing, fitness and nutrition has really allowed me to see the impact of health on all our lives.  Without health, so many things are no longer possible.  Simple day to day tasks can be immensely more difficult.  A great example is someone who is a brittle diabetic.  Diabetes is a disease in which your pancreas doesn't secrete enough (or any) insulin to closely regulate your blood sugar. If you can imagine for a moment, how your day might be much more difficult if you had diabetes.  You might have to check your blood sugar multiple times a day and then titrate your medication based off that reading.  You might have to watch how or when you exercise.  You might have extra medical appointments to attend during the week.  You might have to be extra careful of added sugars in your foods and count your carbohydrates.  

We're happy to say that white sugar is something we never use in our products.  In fact, you'll never find white sugar or white flour in any of our products.  We sweeten naturally with either stevia, maple syrup or honey and offer a variety of low carbohydrate/low sugar options making our treats a healthy option for those watching their carbohydrates and sugar.  We also never use any chemical sweeteners which can also be harmful to your health.  We also provide all the nutritional information on all our products so you know exactly what you're getting.

Our goal at Buff Bakery is to offer a variety of healthy options to suit a multitude of dietary preferences that support health .  So whether you're keto, high protein, low carb, vegan or gluten free, we likely have a great option to support you!  We know the value of good nutrition and how it can impact our health.  So this week, to honour nurses we are offering 10% off all our online orders all week long.  Use code HEALTHISWEALTH at checkout to take advantage :) 


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