Fall time is the best time

by Jenni Ritchie on September 13, 2017

Fall is quite possibly my FAVOURITE season.  There is something so appealing about getting into a comfy sweater, putting on a great pair of boots and pouring a cup of coffee.  The scenery is amazing outside with bright, beautiful colours and the air is clean and crisp.  There are about a million things I love about fall but today I'll focus on just a few.  

1.  Pumpkin

All things pumpkin!  Muffins, loaves, pie, smoothies, cheesecake.  It really doesn't matter but anything pumpkin is just amazing.  To highlight my love of pumpkin, today I made up some Chocolate Protein Pumpkin Truffles.  OMG.  These. Are. Unreal.  50 calories, 4 grams of fat, 3 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein.  HELLLLLLLLO deliciousness.



2.  Books

Not that books aren't amazing in all seasons but fall just makes me want to read.  For whatever reason, it just feels cozy in the fall to grab a good book and sit in a big chair for hours reading.  I'm committing to read one book every month this year.  I'll talk about it more in another post but for now, let's just say I'm more amped up to read.

3.  Boots

Um okay.  If you know me, you know I own LOTS of boots.  Ankle boots, knee highs, black, brown, red, suede, leather.  They're all just so cute.  A girl also needs a large variety of boots in her closet depending on the outfit and the day.    My absolute favourite pair are red suede ankle boots.  They're Steve Madden (of course) and I'm obsessed with them.  

4.  School

Okay so not everyone loves school.  However, I do.  I always felt like there was something so special about going back to school.  I loved getting new outfits, loading up on stationary, seeing all my old friends and the prospect of learning something new and amazing.  Although I'm not returning to school this year, fall still brings that excitement and eagerness.  

5.  Routine

After weeks of summer loving, travelling and being out of a normal routine it does feel great to be back into a normal schedule with my workouts, sleeping, eating and work life.  Just like a baby thrives on a routine, I tend to believe adults do too.  

What do you guys love most about fall?


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